Meriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines newbie as: newcomerespecially : a newcomer to cyberspace.

I started using WPF in November 2008 on one small project. I learned basics about layout, commands and data binding. Program code looked more or less like WinForms application. Events were wired directly to controls (except for buttons – they were bound to commands) and most of the code was in codebehind. Project was finished by the end of February 2009 and then I returned to web applications.

More than a year later, I got another WPF project. And then I discovered that I forgot almost everything I knew about WPF. Being seasoned developer, naturally, I did not make any notes on WPF, comments in old code are nonexistent or unusable (if it’s not my code I would probably call them idiotic). Also, it looks that these days MVVM is the way to go with WPF.

So, it’s learning WPF from scratch again. This time I plan to write down code examples for all WPF stuff I learn, just in case. Hence, another blog is born.

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